Xiaomi Mijia Projector DLP TV Android Amlogic T968 Quad Core 800 ANSI 2GB 6GB Bluetooth Home Theater Support DOLBY DTS

Xiaomi Mijia Projector

3 seconds auto focus, easy to use and look good

2.07 Million Reflective Lenses Make Big Picture Clearer 丨 800 ANSI lumens with high brightness and bright colors without distortion

Free installation, ready-to-use10-year long life LED light source



Create a 120-inch visual feast

2.07 million mirrored lenses, 800 ANSI lumens, HDR10 quality enhancement technology




0.47 inch DMD imaging chip,2.07 million mirrored lenses,Full HD picture

There are more than 2.07 million 5.4um retroreflective lenses on a small chip. 

Each lens is like a small mirror. It flips ±17° independently at a frequency of 166,600 times/second.

It converges different color beams onto the lens for you. Presenting high definition images.




120-inch huge picture

Theater, game room, home debut

It is time to fully upgrade the home viewing experience. Now you can shoot 40-120 inches of huge screens 

in your home wall to watch 1080p or even 4K resolution HD images and experience stunning visual effects that TV cannot match.




800 ANSI lumens true brightness

Colorful and undistorted




HDR10 quality enhancement technology

Brighter at light, darker at dark

Using HDR10 high dynamic range video decoding, the screen brightness and contrast can be more clear,

more vivid colors, more realistic objects, a wider color gamut, to bring you a better visual experience.




Square pixel architecture

Videos, games, more delicate display

The Mijia Projector uses TI's TRP square pixel architecture scheme to cast a more detailed picture,

and even the text appearing on the screen becomes clearer.





Dolby Sound Enhancement Technology

Cinematic shock listening experience




 3 seconds auto focus, start up




Diffuse reflection principle

Family health sharing




3 seconds fast autofocus, boot can see

Unlike conventional projectors that require repeated manual focus adjustment,

the Mi projector can autofocus within 3 seconds after powering on, quickly presenting clear images to your eyes.




2 meters distance

Casting an 80-inch screen

Thanks to the 1.1:1 projection ratio of the Mi projector, you can shoot large-scale images at a short throw distance.




Up, Down, Right, Right, ±45° Keystone Correction

No need to face the curtain, freer




Richer expansion interface




Shooting screen to play games, big screen more enjoyable



Powerful smart cooling system

Noise as low as 26dB

Let you enter the entertainment feast




Mijia projector uses Germany's Osram LED light source, life expectancy can reach more than 30,000 hours.

Calculated using 8 hours per day, the service life can reach more than 10 years.




2.4/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1

Support multiple wireless devices

Mijia Projector supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modes, and is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth. 

It can not only be used as a Bluetooth speaker, but also connect multiple Bluetooth wireless devices at the same time.



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