Cognos Smartwatch GS8 Heart Rate Blood Presure GSM Sim Card Smart Watch

Cognos Smartwatch GS8 Heart Rate Blood Presure GSM Sim Card Smart Watch


Model: Gs8 

Touch Screen Size:1.3 inch Capacitive touch

Hardware platform: MT2502 

Screen: 240*240 

G-SENSOR: Support 

Speaker: Support 

Battery capacity: 300mAH 

Vibration motor: Support 

Antenna: Support 

Side buttons: Support 

Headphone: Not Support 

Chargers: Support 

USB: Support 



Make calls: Support 

Sim card: Support (Nano sim card) 

Contacts: Support 

Pedometer: Support 

Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth 4.0 

Alarm: Support 

Remote Music: Support(music only play in smartphone) 

Remote camera: Support 

Health Data Synchronization: Support with Android system and IOS system

Heart Rate: Support Second-generation heart rate;

Blood press: Support



Package list:

1* Smart Watch

1* User Manual

1* USB Cable 

130249-Gs8 smart watch-1130249-Gs8 smart watch-2

*Heart rate and Blood pressure sensor

Embedded AMS Photoelectric volume sensor and photoelectric sensor, whether in daily  or training can be timely detection of heart rate, blood pressure and other changes, so that you can know your own physical quality consumption, find your law of life.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-3130249-Gs8 smart watch-4

*Movement trjectory Record your every step

After connected to the phne, open the running function in APP, App will record your GPS trajectory. Accurately record miles per mile, calorie data, and after exercise the data will be stores so that you can easily check.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-5130249-Gs8 smart watch-6

*Powerful hardware configuration

MTK2502 second-generation microprocessors. MC3413-P heart rate sensor. G-sensor high-performance sensor, the three sensors perfect match, only for your using experience. We reject low-cost, defective smart watches.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-7

*Independent Bluetooth 4.0

Wherever you are in a meeting, journey or practicing Yogo, With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can receive the emails, messages, notifications via your phone, you won't miss these.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-8130249-Gs8 smart watch-9130249-Gs8 smart watch-10


Using high-quality lithium-ion 300mAh battery, raw materials 100% full inspection, long battery life. Built-in bracelet mode and phone mode, watch mode, easy to switch to suit your needs.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-11

*Leave your phone and use it independently

Independent community funtion, it supports SIM card, so that you can be more leisurely free. Wearing G8 enjoys the fun of sports, meanwhile you don't need to worry about missing the important calls or message.

130249-Gs8 smart watch-12

*Vivid colors with your thoughts

We use a removeable strap design, we will also handset you a colorful strap to make your life diversified.

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