Cognos S928 Smartwatch GPS Sport Smart Watch Bluetooth Watch Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Speed Tracker Pressure Altitude

Hardware Specification
GPS Ceramic antenna
Heart rate Dynamic heart rate
Barometer Pressure
Thermometer Environment temperature
G sensor 3D Accelerometer/Gyroscope
Bluetooth Nordic 4.0
Display 1”, 128*128 pixel; Light
Waterproof IP 66 Life waterproof
Battery 380mah(Time mode 18 days / Comprehensive use 7 days / GPS 10 hours), the specific use of the situation
Support System  IOS8+   /   Android4.3+
Homepage Time, date
Today's step number + step number weekly chart
Electrocardiogram (16 hours)
Pressure charts (24 hours)
Environment temperature chart (24 hours)
Height chart (24 hours) + height calibration
Sport mode Walk (heart rate, frequency, steps, calories, mileage, laps)
Run(heart rate, frequency, steps, calories,speed ,pace, mileage, laps)
Climb(heart rate, frequency, steps, calories,high,pressure, mileage, laps)
Ride(speed ,pace,heart rate, frequency, steps, calories, mileage, laps)
Record Lap  Set cycle length
Rcord mode Manual / automatic
Heart rate ECG mode Monitor 1 times every 15 minutes, 16 hour ECG
Sport mode Real-time monitoring
Heart rate alert Set the highest and lowest values
Sedentary reminder Sedentary reminder
Sleep monitoring Sleep monitoring
Alarm clock alarm clock12345678139101112131234578

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